Amanda Hughes

Travel Consultant

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Tell us about your career at Deva

I started at Deva in September 1995 and worked for a year in sales. A year later I had my first child and moved to administration/customer care for three days a week.  I went back to full time work a few years later and also did some sales. Since Covid I’ve been back to full time sales.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Its hard to say.  I love anywhere that has beautiful landscapes and old cities with a lot of history.   Greece is my favourite country.  I do love the UK as well, especially Cornwall.

What are your top bucket list travel destinations?

I would love to travel to Peru and see Machu Picchu.

Why do you love working for Deva?

We are like a family.  Most of us have been here for years. We understand each other and help each other. I love helping clients find a holiday they will really enjoy. It’s a real pleasure.

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